Facts About Vegan Diet

If you are considering going vegan there are a number of facts about the diet and lifestyle that you need to know about. Veganism is considered to be much stricter than vegetarianism and you need to be willing to commit to the entire change.



Veganism Is A Lifestyle

The first fact that you need to know about veganism is that it is a lifestyle and not just a diet. Vegans will not only have a diet where no animal products are eaten, but they will also wear clothing that does not have animal products. If you are not prepared to make the changes to your lifestyle that is required then you might want to reconsider a vegan diet. There are also a number of myths about vegans that are not true such as the complete lack of protein in the diet.

Reduction Of Saturated Fats

The intake of saturated fat is reduced through a vegan diet. You will also reduce the amount of cholesterol and animal hormones that are ingested as you start to eat more vegetables and fruit. The reduction in these intakes can result in a decreased risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Lower Overall Cholesterol

As the vegan diet offers a lower intake of cholesterol, vegans have an average of 146 mg/dL or milligrams per deciliter. The average cholesterol level for is 210 mg/dL for people living in the United States. The recommended medically accepted range for cholesterol is between 150 and 200 mg/dL.

You Do Not Have To Take Supplements

A common myth about the vegan diet is that you will not be able to get protein and other nutrients that are present in meat. Vegans do not have to take supplements because they are able to get their nutrients from other foods. The diet gets protein from lentils, tofu, nuts and peanut butter while calcium comes from broccoli, bok choy, kale and fruit juices.

Vegan Diets Can Make You Stronger

A study done by Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel Prize winner, found that a vegan diet can create changes in a persons genes. The genes that help to prevent certain diseases are triggered with this diet while the genes that cause diseases such as heart disease are turned off.

There are many facts about the vegan diet that you should know before you start. Many ethical vegans change their entire lifestyle to ensure that all parts lower the suffering of animals.

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